Sunday, April 3, 2011

Siam Yoko

I am not working for this company neither I get paid for endorsing their products. I learned about salt spa products back in 2004. My good friend aka sister aka godmom of my younger son introduced it to me. I liked that green tea salt spa then. That was what I had been using. 2e97e0dc04f72465f6f743cd9c582da9

This year, I discovered another brand with varied selection. So far I tried the milk and the cucumber. What is so nice about these products is that the effect is long-lasting. The “silklike” feeling stays for hours. Truthfully, I have not paid attention really as to how long my skin stayed satiny since I’m not using the product for a paid review, but as I am blogging this, I am trying to recall how long the effect lasted… and I think it is safe to say a59890fe637396b03a7c02422f206d6bthat it dragged on roughly 8-12 hours. I normally used it in my morning shower, and I could still feel my smooth skin in the afternoon. Since I use it once a day, I apply skin moisturizer at night to maintain a supple skin after bathing.


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