Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fashion It, The Jinkee Way

My sister and I went to Jinkee’s Fashion World a week ago. We went to check the place… I asked the person in-charge if I could take pictures…and he said it was OK… and so I was grateful of the favor.

In the picture inserted, you can see the brands that are being sold in the boutique. By the way this is Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao recent and biggest boutique among her branches in Gensan.


I like the interior design. It is so cozy… If your husband will go with you shopping in this boutique, he can sit in the pink couch and read the coffee table magazines while waiting for you to be done. This is a good relief for husbands who tug along.


I see a lot of great stuff… and my eyes are pleased of how they are arranged… From accessories, scents, tops, flip-flops, slip-ons, pumps, Manny Pacquiao’s clothing line and gift items, dresses, bags, watches, wallets… Everything is brandmarked. The Prices? Well, Ms. Jinkee’s market niche is obviously those in the upper class… and some upper middle class who are single and able… but I see items that are reasonably priced. And I want to save to have it. Cool

By the way, a few minutes later, Ms. Jinkee came in wearing a lemon yellow tube mini dress… which made her look stunning. My sister could not help but look at her. She seems nice, and cool with her crews in the boutique. She does not have that prima-donna attitude, I did not see it in her that night. I wanted to take a picture of her, but I drew rein of myself… and I was too shy to ask too. I wished I had the boldness, to cordially ask. Anyway… like I said, I am starting to save because I wanna buy that thing that really wowed me. Dancing

Photo0073 Photo0077 Photo0079 Photo0081



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