Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cosmetics And More Part 2

I must say that my husband is so supportive. He knows that one way for me to loosen up is to prettify myself and play with my make-ups. That’s why days ago, he gave me Skin 79’s The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact and Shining Pearl BB Cream Plus…

It is my first time to use Skin 79. In fact, I haven’t heard this brand before. So, I googled and here’s the link of the history of this company.

Anyway, What can I say about things made from Korea? Let me start by narrating my first encounter five years ago. It was then that I learned about “The Face Shop”… I loved this cosmetic brand coz their products were of good quality. That’s when I discovered that Korea has produced quality cosmetics.

From then on, I welcome cosmetics made from Korea.

Now, with Skin 79…so far, I like the cosmetics… the Shining Pearl BB Cream Plus truly is giving me that fresh look. My skin doesn’t look fagged and raddled… The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact gives me a silky smooth finish. Normally, make-ups tend to make the person looks matured…but my colleagues are telling me I look young. This is probably because of the new line of make-up that i’m using. @.@

skin 79 pact the oriental

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cosmetics and More, Part 1

I have been blogging about a handful of cosmetic products in this site. I’m no expert when it comes to this bailiwick coz im not a cosmetologist. However, what I do share is my critique over the product that I’m currently using.

Let’s backtrack last May. I got a good deal from Revlon (or so I thought). The mall celebrated the “mother’s day”…and to make it special, there were items that were on sale… and that included make-ups. I was window-shopping that day, and I came across the Revlon sales booth. Some items were priced low, like “buy one take one”. I found the pricing irresistible since It’s Revlon plus the timing was just perfect. I ran out of eyeshadow that time, so I considered of buying. I thought I found a good pallet but then when I tried them on… I was totally frustrated because they appeared dry on my skin, that was what my hubby said. (Oh! Just so you know, my hubby is so supportive with my thingy). The shades were so mundane, worst it appeared dull and unglamorous. On a scale of 10, I would give it 4.

Oh, well. Lessons learned. I normally do not buy from Revlon coz I find the products expensive. If ever I had them before, that’s because they’re gifts given by aunts or close friends. I could no longer trusts their products as far as eyeshadows are concerned.

However, I came to like Revlon when one time last Feb, I was really dying to find the perfect eyebrow liner… I tried Cover Girl and L’oreal eyebrow pencils before, but I was like totally wasting them coz I ended up sharpening those pencils to the last inch at one setting. Anyway, at that particular time, I was thoroughly browsing at the cosmetic section when I saw this Revlon ColorStay  Brow Enhancer. The item was packaged with a retractable eyebrow pencil and Illuminator… t’was hassle free and I could just paint it on my brows nicely. So I bought one, and it lasted for more than 7 weeks.

Since I was a satisfied customer, I went back to get a new one for me but then they had a new product, the Revlon Brow Fantasy. The new packaging came with brow gel that’s intended to brush your brows in situ.

Here are the brow pencils of Revlon


revlon-colorstay-brow-enhancer brow fantasy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revlon CustomEyes™

Got myself a new palette for my eyeshadows from Revlon. They had this “Mother’s Day Sale” so Revlon CustomEyes™ was one of the products that were on sale. The company had this “buy one get one” promo.

I bought one and had one for free… so t’was like getting 50% percent off for each. But then when I tried it on my eyes… got a little frustrated because it did not turn out the way I expected it. I was not really happy yet on the bright side of things, at least I had two for a price of one.

I dunno why I forgot the mantra “to test the water first”. It is always a “hit or miss” for cosmetics regardless of the brand... whether pricey, bargain-priced or cheapie.... so sometimes experimenting with new palette is expensive if you would buy the product right away...It is really best to try the eyeshadow make up tester first on your skin so you will know the effect of it on your skin… and avoid wasting your hard earned money especially if you are accustomed to buy from branded ones.

Here are my Rich Temptation and Sweet Innocence palettes

2012-05-25 16.39.51 IMG_20120525_163931

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Coffee aside, I have this great love for tea… especially the flavored ones. I revel with peppermint and choco mint, that is if I can’t have them all. I said that because I work around my budget every time I have my trips to the grocery… But how I wish I can have all the variants.

It is in my wish list to have a tea chest where I can properly keep my teas…one time I attended a  birthday party of a friend… his cousin-in-law offered us tea, and she brought out her tea chest… and I wowed over that wooden chest + the varieties of tea that she had.

Today, got two flavors as a gift since tomorrow is Mother’s day….

here they are:

2012-05-12 16.44.18IMG_20120512_170135

Saturday, May 5, 2012

world lit class

Here is one of the small groups in my class in Lit 2. They're tasked to create an FB accnt of one of the characters in the story of Nibelungenlied.

I truly admire their work. It is rewarding when you see students making quality output.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have one craze that I have discovered lately…From the title itself of this entry! It is tutti-frutti… I cant let my Davao trip goes by without having one… I am a yogurt person… Add yogurt in my list of things I love… I have the same delight for it like I have with coffee and tea.

You can find Tutti Frutti at the 2nd Floor of SM Davao right beside the food court. Certainly, you won’t get lost finding the store.

Here is my own Tutti-fruitti creation… I savor with either blueberry or original flavor yogurt, then top it with blueberry jam plus layered  it with choco-sprinkles, cereals, and raisins. Finally, I top it with fresh fruits like cherry, lychee, and peaches.

Note: Some of those ingredients are not available in the bar.

With my creation, I normally pay an average of P128-170.

2012-03-03 18.37.072012-03-03 18.37.142012-03-03 18.37.202012-03-03 18.37.332012-03-03 18.37.442012-03-03 18.50.342012-03-03 18.50.412012-03-03 18.50.49

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We found a new place to hang out and dine… though the place is not really new but my husband and I decided to eat lunch there one time… We liked it there… for us the place was cozy, + the foods were reasonably priced and were nicely presented…

so Coco’s officially becomes a rendezvous  for us… In fact, I celebrated my birthday there yesterday with my sister and my mom + my future brother-in-law… 

Here’s my complimentary cake from Coco’s South Bistro…




Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hush Hush No Rush

I’m back but not in full swing… just dropping by my blog to sustain life in it…(^-O)    Is there such a phrase for inanimate and pulseless thing? Oh well… what’s new for this last month of the year? It is mid-December and I haven’t written entries in any of my blog…except for this nonsense one. hehe…. Anyway…got a chance to pose in a giant Christmas tree at SM Davao… I did not go there to shop though I got a thing or two for vanity sake… Oooops! But it wasn’t to lavish myself with no good reason at all… Ive great reasons to pamper myself…For one… I got a 1.0 grade in my grad school subject last semester, and I haven’t rewarded myself yet for working and studying hard (uhuh!) …

Anyway, here is my usual self every saturday… I travel 4 and a half hours to attend my graduate school classes… but let me previse you that I do not go to this mall every saturday too…my routine is from home to school then vice versa… I rush after my last class in the afternoon to catch the last trip to GSC, otherwise Ill be staying overnight…which is I don’t like to happen at all.


Monday, November 14, 2011


I call my new baby Rosebud… After Roze retired, I waited a few months to finally have her…while reviews have been coming out about this cyber shot DSCW510, I simply did not check what other people say about this digital camera [before buying it]… I only have two concerns before getting this gadget. Read on so that you will know… It might help you too come up with a decision when you buy new dojiggers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Color Bloom

pink bloomFor the past month, I’ve been searching for the perfect lip balm… I say perfect because I’ve been jumping from one brand to another but I could not get that kind of balm that would relieve me from chapped lips… but the relief it offers only last for awhile…



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