Saturday, May 14, 2011

Asian Tongue

A new restaurant has opened in our city… and yeah! It’s called “Asian Tongue”… Obviously, from the name itself…the place offers the best Asian cuisine… they got the best chef who can do the haute cuisine… that by the looks of the food alone… you will simply drool… all the more when you get to taste it.
Although the food is the main attraction but you can not help but love the ambience of the place. While you dine, you also get to be serenaded by a band who performs live.
Asian Tongue: A View from the parking lot

Banana and Lychee In Sweet Coco Milk

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Anonymous said...

The resto looks impressive.I hope the menus are reasonably priced.The banana dessert looks really good.

Maria Lileth said...

Yes Ma'am...the prices are quite affordable.

Cheerful said...

sounds like a great place, saan po sya? banana and lychee, delicious i bet! anyway, have a great week! :)

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