Monday, November 14, 2011


I call my new baby Rosebud… After Roze retired, I waited a few months to finally have her…while reviews have been coming out about this cyber shot DSCW510, I simply did not check what other people say about this digital camera [before buying it]… I only have two concerns before getting this gadget. Read on so that you will know… It might help you too come up with a decision when you buy new dojiggers.

I do not care so much of the branding or the models…To me they are all the same, the adage that says “once you’ve seen one, then you’ve seen them all” is quite true for me in this situation. So with that in mind, I simply did not bother whether it’s the latest model or not—I just need one for documentation… so whenever I buy, my priority is the price.

If this is a hobby, for sure I would love to get a Canon or Nikon but since this is not… Sony Cybershot is already good for me. Considering the service center too, I’ve to send my unit to Manila if ever my would-be Canon or Nikon goes berserk—with Sony, that would not be a problem.

Obviously, the picture above is the color that I chose. There are other colors to choose from, like silver and red.

So far… those are my two criteria in buying Rosebud. Click here for the spec of this thingamabob, or you may go directly to Sony website.


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