Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have one craze that I have discovered lately…From the title itself of this entry! It is tutti-frutti… I cant let my Davao trip goes by without having one… I am a yogurt person… Add yogurt in my list of things I love… I have the same delight for it like I have with coffee and tea.

You can find Tutti Frutti at the 2nd Floor of SM Davao right beside the food court. Certainly, you won’t get lost finding the store.

Here is my own Tutti-fruitti creation… I savor with either blueberry or original flavor yogurt, then top it with blueberry jam plus layered  it with choco-sprinkles, cereals, and raisins. Finally, I top it with fresh fruits like cherry, lychee, and peaches.

Note: Some of those ingredients are not available in the bar.

With my creation, I normally pay an average of P128-170.

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