Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revlon CustomEyes™

Got myself a new palette for my eyeshadows from Revlon. They had this “Mother’s Day Sale” so Revlon CustomEyes™ was one of the products that were on sale. The company had this “buy one get one” promo.

I bought one and had one for free… so t’was like getting 50% percent off for each. But then when I tried it on my eyes… got a little frustrated because it did not turn out the way I expected it. I was not really happy yet on the bright side of things, at least I had two for a price of one.

I dunno why I forgot the mantra “to test the water first”. It is always a “hit or miss” for cosmetics regardless of the brand... whether pricey, bargain-priced or cheapie.... so sometimes experimenting with new palette is expensive if you would buy the product right away...It is really best to try the eyeshadow make up tester first on your skin so you will know the effect of it on your skin… and avoid wasting your hard earned money especially if you are accustomed to buy from branded ones.

Here are my Rich Temptation and Sweet Innocence palettes

2012-05-25 16.39.51 IMG_20120525_163931


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