Friday, June 22, 2012

Cosmetics and More, Part 1

I have been blogging about a handful of cosmetic products in this site. I’m no expert when it comes to this bailiwick coz im not a cosmetologist. However, what I do share is my critique over the product that I’m currently using.

Let’s backtrack last May. I got a good deal from Revlon (or so I thought). The mall celebrated the “mother’s day”…and to make it special, there were items that were on sale… and that included make-ups. I was window-shopping that day, and I came across the Revlon sales booth. Some items were priced low, like “buy one take one”. I found the pricing irresistible since It’s Revlon plus the timing was just perfect. I ran out of eyeshadow that time, so I considered of buying. I thought I found a good pallet but then when I tried them on… I was totally frustrated because they appeared dry on my skin, that was what my hubby said. (Oh! Just so you know, my hubby is so supportive with my thingy). The shades were so mundane, worst it appeared dull and unglamorous. On a scale of 10, I would give it 4.

Oh, well. Lessons learned. I normally do not buy from Revlon coz I find the products expensive. If ever I had them before, that’s because they’re gifts given by aunts or close friends. I could no longer trusts their products as far as eyeshadows are concerned.

However, I came to like Revlon when one time last Feb, I was really dying to find the perfect eyebrow liner… I tried Cover Girl and L’oreal eyebrow pencils before, but I was like totally wasting them coz I ended up sharpening those pencils to the last inch at one setting. Anyway, at that particular time, I was thoroughly browsing at the cosmetic section when I saw this Revlon ColorStay  Brow Enhancer. The item was packaged with a retractable eyebrow pencil and Illuminator… t’was hassle free and I could just paint it on my brows nicely. So I bought one, and it lasted for more than 7 weeks.

Since I was a satisfied customer, I went back to get a new one for me but then they had a new product, the Revlon Brow Fantasy. The new packaging came with brow gel that’s intended to brush your brows in situ.

Here are the brow pencils of Revlon


revlon-colorstay-brow-enhancer brow fantasy


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