Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cosmetics And More Part 2

I must say that my husband is so supportive. He knows that one way for me to loosen up is to prettify myself and play with my make-ups. That’s why days ago, he gave me Skin 79’s The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact and Shining Pearl BB Cream Plus…

It is my first time to use Skin 79. In fact, I haven’t heard this brand before. So, I googled and here’s the link of the history of this company.

Anyway, What can I say about things made from Korea? Let me start by narrating my first encounter five years ago. It was then that I learned about “The Face Shop”… I loved this cosmetic brand coz their products were of good quality. That’s when I discovered that Korea has produced quality cosmetics.

From then on, I welcome cosmetics made from Korea.

Now, with Skin 79…so far, I like the cosmetics… the Shining Pearl BB Cream Plus truly is giving me that fresh look. My skin doesn’t look fagged and raddled… The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact gives me a silky smooth finish. Normally, make-ups tend to make the person looks matured…but my colleagues are telling me I look young. This is probably because of the new line of make-up that i’m using. @.@

skin 79 pact the oriental


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