Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prison Break

Since last Friday, we had been having a movie marathon at home. We watched the Prison Break from Season 1-4.

Though some of the scenes were predictable but I was really gripping on my seat. I got carried away by the action scenes and the cliffhangers....

I was also sad of how the story ended. But I am impressed by the moral of the story... the unconditional love that Scofield has for his brother. And in the later part of season 4, we learned the truth about their relationship. The willingness to risk your life for the person who is not related to you, is an awesome and selfless act. Amazing love, if I am to put it.

Although, it was heartbreaking also to realize that a mother can abandon her own son for a personal gain or ambition. It is unacceptable but it sometime
s happens in real life. Phew! Sometimes odd things happen in our lives.

I am also caught by the great friendship that had developed between Sucre and Scofield. I am touched by how forgiveness was explicitly reflected in the story especially amongst Lincoln, Scofield and Alex. Mutual respect is earned and developed over time. It is good to know that it is possible. And you do not have to be friends to do things together, especially if fighting for the right thing. Also, all throughout the seasons, we see that survival is a very basic need of man and it drives inmates to stick on someone who has the power to save their throat.

At the end of Episode 22 in Season 4, I realized that not all can live a happy ending... at least not for the General and T-bag. Though Michael Scofield died but still he did experience a good life with Sarah and their son. The ending has implied it that way, though, I too had a certain feeling. There are rough edges, and we can only draw inferences. But that was it for now, PB ended in their tag line "the final break", so we can let it be.

Finally, the major universal truth of the story are these "the good will always triumph over evil" and "there is always this good in every man, and no matter how circumstance corrupts the goodness of man, he can always make a choice to change".


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